Nothing beats Nursing!.
Thursday, July 23, 2009, 10:41 PM

Ye, I'm in my Second year of nursing now. Still standing,knowledge gaining, friends earning, less sleeping and More Money spending! haha.

In my view of how I am today, I'm actually doing good. All the early wake ups,return demos and Skills inventory.I THINK I'm gonna survive this.
I only got few good photos in the nursing skills lab, Just a stolen shots from my SGH-U600.

It's exciting when you are in the medical field, you will know what really health means and how it affects our daily life.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009, 1:10 AM

I visited my blog for some no reasons. Akala ko nawala na xa. but then hindi pa. not blogging the past few?many months dahil sa school,friends,projects deadline,vices=edward. aw? ehehe :)

sa dami kong iuupdate, hindi ko alam knug san ako magsstart.

Life. Steady lang for now,nakuha na din namin ung dream house :)

Love. Steady din.45 months na kami :D one word lang yan "mapagtimpi"

...will update more chikas!

Sunday, October 26, 2008, 4:03 AM

miss me?

Happy Birthday to me ;] Its my 19th year and I SHOULD BE HAPPY.

I exactly don't know whats going on with my life right now. Sobrang confuse ako sa lahat. Hindi ko malabas ung feelings ko sa iba. But hey? this is my breather! right? So I'm gonna spoil my newest post!

First, this day was like not so normal. xe ang alam kong normal day ay when I get to wake up, my text na from him saying " Good morning honcohh! Happy Birthday! Mahal na mahal kita. ..." and talagang ung time sent ay exactly 12:00 am. But now.. ni ha?ni ho? WALA.alam ko hindi dpat ako mbigla xe

Second,FYI Shella. 6days na xang ganyan sayo at 6 days mo na xang hindi mahagilap! I really cant tell where he is cos he's really acting weird these past few days. He's not saying I love you anymore, he doesn't care what you do or where are you going. Sobrang nasasaktan na talaga ko sa kanya!

Third, Sobrang hirap tong napapagdaanan ko KUNG ALAM MO LANG! Hindi man lang ako makapag saya sa birthday koh. Pano ko magiging masaya? Kulang na kulang.

Forth, I cant eat.Sobrang wala kong gana, yesterday hindi talaga ko nkakain ng breakfast,lunch and dinner. A glass of water lang,solve na solve na ung tiyan ko! Parang my mind and heart is focused on him na nakalimutan na ng tummy ko i-send ang message sa brain ko na "Hoy!Shella.kumain ka naman!"

Magtetext xa sometimes mga around 7pm,sobrang galit and masungit pa. Tpos bigla na lang hindi magrereply. Ang weird! ang daming problem!

but you know what? The real problem is..

I dont know whose with him right now, pinagpalit nia na ba talaga ko? cos he's saying nung last convo namin na he's in Pangasinan. Tpos he's said "I want to be alone ok?" "I want to find myself muna!" and I asked him "My dapat ba akong malaman? then he said "wla,wala knmang dpat malaman e," and poof! hindi na xa nagreply.

Hell what? Anung klaseng lalaki ka na hindi mo maamin sa kin na may iba ka na? Alam ko, nafifeel ko talaga na my other girl. I really can't tell kasi I'm here and ur there, wherever in hell you are!

And ye,SUPER NANGUNGULIT na ko sa mga friends and classmates nia kung alam ba nila kung nasan xa. None, none of them knows where he is DAW. I even gone to his house yesterday na baka alam naman nila kung nasan xa.and wala, walang new info akong nalaman.

Lastly,Alam ko na pagbalik nia, malalaman ko na lahat,lahat lahat. And ineexpect ko talaga na Masasaktan talaga ko ng SOBRA SOBRA sa mga malalaman ko. 3 yrs plus na kami, kea Its really hard thinking na he doesn't love you anymore. The feeling is gone.Andaming what if's.

Alam ko Normal lang tong nangyayare sa tao, seeing them parang madali lang para sa kanila! Pero NO! Parang feeling ko 50-50 na nga ung kondixon ng buhay ko, tntry pa talagang patayin na ko ng maaga. HIRAP! Sobrang hirap! Arghhhh!

ngaun, I'm HOPELESS. but then,


Eraserheads reunion concert!
Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 4:00 AM

Last week, I was telling my dad about this reunion concert!

me: pa, my reunion concert ang eheads!

papa: OO! ung company (philip morris/marlboro) magssponsor nun. 10m each sila.

me:*shocked! wow!

ang cool! grbe.. its where my dad work as a supervisor. Nakakagulat lang talaga.

here you goes:

Marlboro is sponsoring this concert and paid each of the members a staggering P10M each to do a full 45-minute set. August 30, 2008 will be LEGENDARY!!!The country’s most influential band ever will be reunited for ONE NIGHT ONLY.This once in a lifetime experience will be staged at the CCP open grounds.Tickets are free and you can download it early August. Website to be announced.






Pupunta ako, so pupunta tayo!

Must be 18 and above. Marlboro ang sponsor, thats why NO MINORS ARE ALLOWED.

Sunday, July 20, 2008, 4:47 AM

Hello! ye, been busy. Hindi lang pala busy.. SUPPERRR BUSY! ughh, I dont have the time to blog na ;( kahit mag-check manlang ng mail. ;(

College is really exhausting, to be more specific.. NURSING is ughhh. Pero I love my course now. Now that its more interesting and challenging! ayee ;D

School. Studying at University of Perpetual Help- Las piñas. I dont know why I chose it, maybe because of my myspace barkada there. tss. They are all graduating na nga lang ;( to top it off, I enjoy being a part of it! Super kakamangha ang ibang facilities esp. the comfort rooms, with 2aircons and may sounds pa sa ceiling ;D

Blockmates. Wala akong masabi sa block namin! Superrrrb! Andamîng laghtrip.. tpos, ah.. kiliggg moments...ahihi ;)) First day pa lang, I felt na I will enjoy my 1st sem with them ;D

Barkada. New sets of barkada againn :D Chicken strips moments.. flight HOTEL moments. haha! parang highschool lang..:D

LOVE. I wont talk muna about that damn thing. ahihi ;)

Basta, Im happy with how things are going.

bloggers. sorry hindi ako maka respond sa xlinks niu, pag my free time ako ulit ;) aryt? *smooches

Be a part of Project Proud Filipino
Thursday, June 05, 2008, 4:37 AM

Are you a proud Filipino?

Then CLICK THIS and join the Project proud Filipino.

Its so easy, kung proud ka sa lahi mo just send a photo together with your name and surname through personal message here or you can send it to this email address:


"please choose a picture that is not grainy and not blurred... if possible shot in good lighting condition... high resolution pictures is also better so it would show more details... since we are cropping it into squares, please choose a picture that will give allowance for your name (please avoid pictures that the face touches the frames of the image)"
- Geloy

You must have a multiply account in order to submit your photo. ;)

Be ONE! Join NOW!

Gossip Girl- News flash
Tuesday, June 03, 2008, 6:44 AM

Rumor has it! Serena and Dan are really into each other. I love their chemistry although I more love slashed adore Blair and Nathaniel. I'm starting to love Chuck. He has this kind of an appeal to me.

So I saw Serena and Dan's photo.

here you goes,

Photo credits ; Janna's Multiply site

They are currently so in love in the photo.. ;)) Based on what I see and feel? :D

Proud Filipina!
Nursing woopie

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