Piece of shit.
Friday, December 29, 2006, 2:41 AM

001. Babe or Baby: neither
002. Sweetie or Honey: honey,honĂ¼
003. Darling or Dear:darling..
004. hug or kiss: hug:)..hmmm...
005. white or black: white
006. ground or sky: sky..:)
007. night or day: night.. i lurve it:))
008. pool or beach: beach..i wanna walk sumday in the beach with you..
009. love or lust: love na my lust..haha!
010. you or me: you and me
011. silver or gold: silver
012. left or right: right
013. sunny or rainy: rainy.:)
014. hot or cold: hot..damnit!
015. lake or river: lake..:)at neuchatel..
016. Do you eat 3 meals a day: nope. twice..
017. like someone: love sumone
018. believe in love at 1stsight: no
019. like school: no!
020. been camping: yesh..wen i was 12 i think?
021. eaten alligator: hell no!
022. gotten in a fight: recently..
023. been out of the country: yesh...
024. cursed someone: soon..LMAO!
025. held a grudge for more than aweek:no.
026. killed something: langgam,firefly?..
027. had a mud fight: yaykz!
028. kissing on the bed or kissing inthe rain: bed..try nten nxt time hon sa rain..
029. watching a scary movie or a funnyone: a funny one
B- BEST SPORT?: volleybal,tenissl
C- CRUSH?: loads.
D- DOGS NAME?: none
E- Easiest person(s) to talk to?:trisha:)..mish0oo!
F- FAV. COLOR?: hot and bloody pink:)
G- GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS?: worms are sour..like it!
H- HOMETOWN?: cavite:)
J- FAV. JUICE?: four seasons
K- KIND OF MUSIC?: rhythm n blues:)
L- LONGEST CAR RIDE?:cavite to espana, geneva to paris.
M- MILK FLAVOR?: i dont drink milk.
O- ONE WISH?: good grades this sem..
P- PHOBIA/FEARS?: perverts.
Q- FAV. QUOTE?: Living life to the fullest
R- REASON TO SMILE?: papabur:)
S- SONG YOU LAST HEARD?: a warrior is a child..edward was singing it.
U- UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT YOU?:bargain hunter:)
V- VEGGIE YOU DONT LIKE?: lahat ata.
W- WORST HABIT?: sleeping 12 hrs/day
X- X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD?: hmm..idk
Y- YUMMY FOOD?: western foods:)lurve it:)
Z- Zodiac Sign?: scorpio:))
01. is your hair wet? no
02. is your cell phone right by you?no.
03. do you miss someone? dami:(
04. are you wearing chapstic?: no
05. are you tired: yesh!
06. are you excited: for?
07. are you watching tv: no
08. are you wearing pajamas:no.
01. recently done anything you regret:wen i lost my swatch watch:(..grr.my dad bought it wen we are in switz.
02. ever lied: yes..
03. ever stuck gum under a desk: no.
04. ever kicked someone?: yess.
05. ever trip over your own feet?: hm.hehe

01. have you cursed: no
02. have you yelled at someone: no
03. have you gotten mad at someone:yess.
04. have you cried: yess.
05. have you called more than 3people: no
06hve you IM'd more than 3people: no
07. is there a person who is on yourmind right now?: yes

Proud Filipina!
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fast facts

  • Im a movie buff.
  • a gamer eg.RPG
  • I can sleep for 24 straight hours.
  • I hate cats specially those kittens, they give me the creeps.
  • Im a fan of Maria Sharapova.
  • I adore Wentworth Miller
  • I rarely watch Pinoy movies and telenovelas.
  • I dont do house chores.
  • I go to the salon 5x/month
  • I collect gadgets
  • I enjoy clubbing right now.
  • Im now SINGLE.
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