New layout.
Friday, February 29, 2008, 6:16 AM

Its been a good week for me. I finally finish my new layout. Voila! I had a hardtime editing this one.*whew! So many thanks to hahaha

UPDATE.I am currently reading a book of Paul Coelho`s Witch of Portobello. Its quite interesting to read so Im gonna try it.

Univ apps. Im still undecided if I will pursue BS Nursing or Physical Therapy.

Savings. Im running out of money here.geez!

ZTE deal scandal. omg! Im effin interested in this particular issue. although its the same old government issue. I truly admire Lozada for breaking his silence. I picture him as Chavit Singson who was also once a star witness on the Impeachment of Erap. Now, here comes another. Today, an Interfaith rally was held on Makati.400thousand people join the rally. Is this a sign of people power again? Oh my!

Love. shoot!I got one here. but Im not interested for now, sorry! ;))

quote for this night ;)
Friday, February 22, 2008, 7:04 AM

Im typing this quote in my so lame blog, its because of the skin. At 11:05 pm, Philippines time. hahaha ;))

Love looks through a telescope;
envy through a microscope.

- Josh Billings

yawwwwwwns. I have to go. Still early for tomorrow ;(.*kisses

Surprise, surprise!
6:21 AM

Its a late post! I just want to share you what my new friend gave to me last monday?[I forgot the date] She was my sister`s friend. haha. can I put your name here? hihi. ;)) We were like having a convo in multiply about our same favorite food. ;))

Voila!! Its a steamed shrimp right? no? haha ;))

Oh well, THANKYOU! ;)) I love it! *smooches

Thursday, February 21, 2008, 6:54 AM

Wow! I thought Im going to be inactive again for ages.hahaha ;))

I am officially declaring myself as SINGLE AND PROUD. yihee ;)) Im finally recovered kids! from all the issues and heartbreak I`ve recently encounter last November. Its really fulfilling for me. I thought Im not going to get through this. I am so much,super,over, happy! that I finally see the light ;)) haha.*drool!! Goodbye sadness and mournings and cryings! Im effin sick of those acts! I deserve to be happy now. right?

Right now, Im enjoying myself and my new found barkada clubbers. yihaa! and my family specially my sister! Shes always there through the ups and downs and making my everyday!

I learned:
1. This is not the end.
2. Make your everyday out of it.
3. Love yourself MORE.
4. Be thankful of what you have right now [family,friends]

University Hopping
Sunday, February 17, 2008, 6:21 AM

The weather had been cold all week and I super enjoy my sleep the whole week. hahaha ) My Valentines this month was the worst. I dont know if the reason is Im single cos as of now I love being single.

Yesterday, Marj and I gone to Manila for her test results at CEU (Cebtra Escolar University) and as expected she made it! She passed BS NURSING. and then after that we go straight to UST (University of Sto. Tomas) for her interview, but unfortunately her Interview is rescheduled due to incomplete requirements. She have to go back by 23 of February. We chill at the Mall of Asia. sip caramel and mocha frapp and then we window shop and see nothing. haha. The day was just really tiring cos wer both bankrupt. ;(

Thursday, February 14, 2008, 5:42 AM

Ramiele Macrowon Malubay.
is a Filipino-American , a 20 year old Sushi waitress from Florida, she auditioned in Miami and sang Aretha Franklin’s "Natural Woman". She looks really funky. Mabuhay ang PINOY!
I bloody adore her. She sings like Christina Aguillera. Hoping she`ll make it to the top12 :] *cross fingers.

Monday, February 04, 2008, 6:20 AM

Its mom and dad`s 20th anniv today.*smiles!
Surprise?haha. My mom is 35 and my dad is 41, so my mom and dad got married (civil wedding) on the age of 15 and 21. ;) and Im not ashamed of it. Its normal for the two people who loves each other so much to get married. Infact, they continue there studies after getting married. ;))

This cake was our gift for them, with 20 candles on top of it.Mom wanted Ube cake.*smiles.

Proud Filipina!
Nursing woopie

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  • I adore Wentworth Miller
  • I rarely watch Pinoy movies and telenovelas.
  • I dont do house chores.
  • I go to the salon 5x/month
  • I collect gadgets
  • I enjoy clubbing right now.
  • Im now SINGLE.
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