Grand Alumni Homecoming!
Friday, January 19, 2007, 3:25 PM

"January 27, 2007, Saturday1PM onwards :)-from Sir Louie"
Uh!yesh..Ill get to see nnman my highschool classmates..sana lang hnd aku busy busyhan nun..haha.sana mkahabol..and sana kompleto ang Mhulhandheezz..yesh.Mhulhandheez,hahaha.thats the name of our tropa in back in highschool.weve known each othersince first year.and thank God we are still alive..haha.eventhoungh lizz(canada) and april (spain).Im still happy.:).because my connexion pdin.ayt?!..wee..

Gran turismo with my dad
Wednesday, January 17, 2007, 8:31 PM

wuh0o.what a dull boring just sleep,watch tv, eat.. again, sleep , watch tv,eat.. good thing dad...invited me to play Gran turismo with him..Soo i said..."ye,sure!u save my boring afternoon!wee!"..Gran turismo is a game in to be specific.I had a great time with my dad.:).thanks dad!

Im irritated to sumbody..guess wut?

Monday, January 15, 2007, 10:09 PM

I know i havnt posted any these past few days..Ive been busy.yesh! I am BUSY.haha:)..unbelievable yet true?!?..hehe. no!...not that busy..but busy..haha:).wut the!.excuse me..Im a bit bit not in the mood tonight.tss.the week was a total hell.. my dad keeps on nagging me about my grades and room, my attitude.hell!..wuts goin on kid!.Im a "happy go lucky girl" this month. I go to school wen i only want to.shit diba?!?..haii.feeling rich akuh kids..hahaha:). got many problems parin..wen dis will end ba?!..:(.

And about that kid who keeps on sending txt messages..screw that..nagsawa nman. btw, that girl thinks i am so insecure and jealous..?!? that girl..who has a perfect body..and near to perfect.. I am not insecure, Im happy for who I am.. jealous?..thats so yesterday and never ko xang minahal..Ur so desperate xe..kaya saknia ka npunta..well.gudluck nlng sau:)..

Oh well, I havnt done any good this month..hooray!

you`ve been missed.
Tuesday, January 09, 2007, 10:47 PM

.though I`m missing you, I`ll find a way to get through.

edwards 17th birthday
Friday, January 05, 2007, 8:06 PM

Happy boorthday papabur
birthday=foodtrip!.Un lang gnwa namen the whole day..taba taba ko na..lague akong gutom..huhu.:(.at si edward payat parin kht anong gwin:).haha.happy birthday papabur coh:)...Ur wish is my command)..hehehe.17 knadin..yehey..di nko mtanda:)..aku naman nxt time.18 nkoh:(...hnd nko ttngkad..hnggng 5`5 nlng ako?..huwwaatt? well, Im happy with him naman:)..."over contented"..?!?..ano un?..wahaha:)..
and to those kids who keeps on sending txt messages..I will NOT please watever u want!..I am not affected:)..go on!hahahahaha:)

Thursday, January 04, 2007, 1:30 PM

sumone`s accusing me
Itago nlang nten xa s name na "pig"..y?.xe pag nkita mo xa..un ang unang ppsok sa mind mo..she thinks im her so called"bitch killah"..d nerves ha!..kung magi2ng hater man ako ng isang tao hnd xa pipiliin ko.tga pulot lng ng basura ko.yaykz!..

to clear things out:

I dont know you!..and wala kong plan makilala ka. It doesnt mean na pag tinawag kitang baboy,pig,fats ako na un..look at urself..khit cno db.un ung sasabhin sau..and my LMAO..?!gawd!..everybody knows that na.. di mo pa ba alam un?..

Its just a shame that people are accusing me with no definite evidence kunno..haha:).Im not affected though as I can actually type this things out.hahahaha:).

Driving myself crazy
Wednesday, January 03, 2007, 12:03 AM

"aww gawd! hes not calling me..hes not even texting gawd gawd gawd!"..thats wut im saying and thinking all day.reason?we had a fight nanaman..syet!kelan b mttpos away nmen?..huh?...pahirap na sobra..Mahal ko bkt gn2..nh2rapan ako..i cant take this anymore! was too shallow..tsk..but again, a disaster in our lives..maybe we need space and time i think...waah!..ang dami kong naiicp..pnoh ko b toh maaaus?.buhay ko di ko pa maaus!..wake up shella!.bt gn2?..problema nnman sumalubong sken sa year ntoh..hai. ang bagal pa ng PC koh..bng prob nioh ha?..anoh bng karma toh?..dpat pinasagasa nio nlng ako sa kotse or sa 10 wheeler truck!..naman!I cant take this anymore..soon, ill be dead.yesh!..wah!..and heres a flash! Im not yet ready to go to school again!..cud someone help me?..syet!

schools uncool
Monday, January 01, 2007, 11:04 PM

2 days to go and I`m off to problems in school.I dont attend my p.E class since the start of 2nd semester..reason? because it starts at 7 wut!im going to wake up by 4am..then ride a bus at 5am..rawrr.but on january 4 im going to attend my class coz`I`m obligue to attend na.:(

4:28 PM

fukc!..tss.Ive been staying infront of the computer for hours..I am officially BORED.. I want to go out, eat!..I wanna go shopping..spend money of my own..I wanna go to tagaytay and stay there overnight.I wanna do something special today..hey!Its the first day of this year! do something kid!..err.gawd!.

My kids been to her lola so Im here..staring at the clock when he`ll!I hate myself.Im in my room for me!:/

btw kids,I like my new own template..:)

.good start.
2:45 AM

Newyear was good:)..
Newyear..means a new beginnig, new life..2007 na^_^..year of the wut?..d pig:)..hahaha:).we should be forgiving friends and forgetting the pain they more focus on wats it going to be..this year.God is good that he still gave us chances, start and a new life.
wut hapend to me this new year?
aw.newyear was great!..lahat ng kings ng fireworks na experience ko na..haha:).. 1st was the "boGa*..then the baby rockets,sparklers,5star,roman candle,kwitis,trompilyo,fountain and others.i dont know the names of the other fireworks..Important is, i ENjoy the new year with my family:).
Happy Newyear everyone♥
Bonne Anneé♥

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