I miss you so bad.
Monday, March 31, 2008, 8:10 AM

Im missing him sobra, Im sobrang healed na talaga after ng unofficial-obvious break-up namen. I could say na naka-move on na talaga ko. Pero everytime may place,things na nakakapag remind saken of him sobrang na totorete ako. I reminisced all our sad and good memories. Sobrang dami naming naging ups and downs. How we fight everyday, before we sleep. err! sobrang nababaliw na naman ako,sometimes I even cry pa whenever I hear our song and recently lang I dreamt and it was him.

Wala na kaming communication, as in WALA talaga. I chose that so we can move-on na talaga. Pero sometimes naiinis ako bakit ko ginawa yun. I even mourne sometimes whenever Im alone in my bedroom.Nakaka-miss yung mga text messages nia, phone calls.Before I hung up he`ll say "wait,wait! I love you so much! sobrang mahal na mahal kita. Goodnight!" awww! Im crying right now,;(

I will not deny the fact na sobrang mahal ko parin xa even if I moved on na. May space parin xa sa heart ko na hindi na talaga maaalis. err! parang Cancer? kumalat na ung cancer cells all over my body na no chance na talaga xa matanggal.:( Naiintindihan nio ba ko? all you bloggers out there?

Love song
Saturday, March 29, 2008, 7:37 AM

It was my sister`s highschool graduation todayII made her up! Im tamad to upload her photos right now. :[. I will post some soon! ;) I didnt get to see her grad, I have to go to makati to pick up dad`s package. my oh my! Sobrang init! errr... I was like getting a sunbathe there when Im already dark. hahaha ;)) cynic!

I feel so happy and easy when I hear this song. I love it! Love it?

I dont know
Thursday, March 27, 2008, 4:50 AM

Its been a while now since I update whats going on with my life now. Ye, I know you dont give a damn.silly.hahaha!

Im so much excited right now, I cant tell why, looks like somethings/someones gonna surprise me this coming days, I mean weeks :)). So hey! Its better be good alright?

ok, my cool dad send this cool english-tagalog terms just now. Hes gonna go to Indonesia again for few weeks so pagbigyan na naten xa.hehehe!


01) Contemplate - kulang ang mga pinggan

02) Punctuation - pera para maka-enrol

03) Ice Buko - nagtatanong kung ayos na ang buhok

04) Tenacious - sapatos na pang tennis

05) Calculator - tawagan kita mamaya

06) Devastation - sakayan ng bus

07) Protestant - tindahan ng prutas

08) Statue - Ikaw ba yan?

09) Tissue - Ikaw nga!

10) Predicate - pakawalan mo ang pusa

11) Dedicate - pinatay ang pusa

12) Aspect - pantusok o pandurog ng yelo

13) Deduct - ang pato

14) Defeat - ang paa (ng pato?)

15) Detail - ang buntot (ng pato?)

16) Deposit - gripo (Call DIPLOMA if DEPOSIT is leaking)

17) City - bago mag-utso; a number to follow 6

18) Cattle - doon nakatila ang Hali at Leyna

19) Persuading - unang kasal

20) Depress - ang nagkasal sa PERSUADING

21) Defense - ginamit ng mga pangsulat sa kontrata sa persuading

22) It Depends - kainin mo ang bakod

23) Shampoo - bago mag-labing-isha (11)

24) Delusion - maluwang (kapag maluwang ang damit, eh DELUSION)

25) Delivery - walang bayad. kapag working lunch, eh delivery na ang tanghalian

26) Profit - patunayan mo

27) Balance Sheet - what comes out after eating a balance diet

28) Backlog - bacon saka egg

29) Beehive - magpakatino ka

31) Debug - ang ipis

32) Defrag - ang palaka

33) Defense - ang bakod

34) Defer - ang balahibo

35) Deflate - ang plato

36) Detest - ang eksamin

37) Devalue - 'yon ang susunod sa letrang V

38) Devote - ang boto

39) Dilemma - brownout!

40) Effort - 'dun nagla-land ang efflane

41) Forums - apat na kwarto

42) July - nagsinungaling ka ba?

43) Liturgy - what comes after litur F

44) Thesis - ito ay

Oh! yess bloggers, my dad is corny. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008, 7:21 AM

Category:Video Games
Genre: Role-Playing
Console:PlayStation Portable (PSP)

This game is one of a hella scary game. But I recommend it to all you gamers out there. Just dont play this game at midnight :))

Pero its one of my favorite genre of RPG (horror) I played Resident Evil (all sequels) and Parasite Eve


and yea, Im a gamer too. since I was 12 :D

Family computer,Gameboy advance/sp,playstation1 and 2, playstation portable

is there any gamer there? :)

movie update
Friday, March 21, 2008, 6:24 AM

Heartbreak kid
. It was a good movie. Mejo konti lang ang laughtrip but I had a great time watching this. Mejo my censored but Its still good. I love Ben Stiller. He makes me laugh everytime I watch his movies;))

27 dresses.Cute story! You should all watch it bloggers! I love watching this movie. The fact that I crush James Marsden (cyclops). Its Touching! but hey! Its a romantic comedy and I love romantic comedies ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 6:12 AM

ALam ko hnd ako related sayo.Pero nakakairita ka lang talaga girl. alam mo ba yon??

Ang strange ng girl na toh superrrr. Ayaw na ayaw nia na may nag ccriticize sa bawat album or blog na pinopost nia. Kelangan lahat ng comment mo panay positive.. alam nyo yon? As in dapat KELANGAN LAHAT PAPURI. I was like "pwede ba yun?"

I was browsing my Multiply and then I saw her album about her new hairwhat?! haha.

here it goes, I put a comment in that album about her new hair what?

SHELLA: u look fatter :D, mas maganda ung dati ;)
GIRL: U think so?LOL. THANKS :)

and then after that! I mean THAT VERY MOMENT!! She made a post to her blog. I wont detail it. These are some;
hahaha. Ewan ko if pinapatamaan mo ako or what! pero I smell something eh ;D Oh well, sige deny! haha. ;))

I know! sobrang CHILDISH ng act na toh.. haha ;))

You would
probably think na once lang to nangyare hindi lang to once! pati sa sister ko ginawa nia rin toh.. haha.I will tell you more soon. natatamad na ko ;D
She probably wont see this kasi DELETED na ko sa contacts nia after that incident..LOL!!


Sige pag sabi nio lang! lagot kayo saken!hahaha. I kid!

Saturday, March 15, 2008, 6:13 AM

THE EYE (english version). The movie was good and there are lots of nakakagulat scenes. Sobrang nagugulat talaga ko sa mga paglabas ng ghosts.Hindi ko kinakaya hahaha ;D

Jessica Alba was so good in this movie. Her character fits to her. Im a fan of her since Dark Angel.

ever ever after by Carrie Underwood
Friday, March 14, 2008, 6:31 AM

I watched ENCHANTED. ;D this song is catchy.

a so little UPDATE
Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 7:00 AM

MY SO NICE LIFE. Ive been so busy completing my requirements for the enrollment this coming April. haha! back to college again. I know Im a happy go lucky person but thats gonna end . ;))

AMERICAN IDOL.Ramiele Malubay got into the top12. yihee! I hope she can make it on top6.

My so busy and loving dad is still in Indonesia. He will be back by the 20th. And will go to Turkey by April. hihi.;D

BB.PILIPINAS. hello to what? Ms. Janina whateverrrr. Our Bb. Pilipinas Ms. World was a shame. MALI MALI ANG GRAMMAR! Well, Im just straight to what I think.I mean, hello? I know we are not all perfect. Even us, mali mali ang Ingles. But to think na sumali xa sa pageant na ganyan? and she`s a mass communication student pa. WOW!

Saturday, March 08, 2008, 6:06 AM

Ive watched the movie a while ago. I can say that again, a one of a hell great movie of Will Smith.

I AM LEGEND. I don`t wanna be a spoiler to all you bloggers that still haven`t watch the movie yet. Just a little peak to this movie.

The story was about an air-borne virus in Newyork City. It can make people not people? and Will is a doctor here finding the virus` cure. Its like "Resident Evil". But I think this one`s really good. ;))



someones watching over me
Friday, March 07, 2008, 5:36 AM

Wednesday, March 05, 2008, 6:01 AM

This photo of girls whose just having fun.
(not like Antonella Barba`s)


What?!? Ramiele Malubay of American Idol Season 7 has nude photo scandal!!! Shocking news, right? Honestly, I myself even was shocked knowing there are some people looking for Ramiele's shocking photos to be rolling in the Internet. Lemme guess, that could be the reason you clicked my page, hoping you will see Ramielle's daring photos.

Sorry.. because you will not see any Ramiele's nude photos here. This is a family-oriented blog so I don't actually post nude pictures. Also, I believe that Ramiele is wholesome and a typical Filipina, so you will not see anything related to your search of her nude photos.

I do believe that there is no such thing that Ramielle will have a nude photo. ;)

Kady Malloy- Groovy kind of love
Tuesday, March 04, 2008, 5:48 AM

4:41 AM

These young people are my classmates in a welcome school in Neuchatel, Switzerland and those three are my teachers in French and Aleman ( German). its 35 minutes awayfrom our house at Peseux by cable bus.

A Welcome school is teaching foreign students Switzerland`s languages (French,Aleman). Studying at that school was really a great experience for me. I get to see different race of people. Socializing with them although most of them doesn`t know how to speak english. Theyre races were Brazilian[small girl wearing white jacket],German-swiss([ower most middle],2 Thais [Upper most 3rd and the 5th],turkish[girlwearing a maong jacket], Portugese[girl wearing dark blue jacket and light blue shirt], 2 Hungarians [2nd row,3rd and 4th] and African [little boy wearing light blue sweater]. I cant recall some of they`re races. But I still can recall some of their names.;))

We`ve had alot of great time. We`ve all gone to the lake riding a big yacht, Eating french bread with them at break and riding at the cable bus with them. That was a great bond! I really enjoyed they`re company.

We just proved that even though we have different race and languages. We still get to understand each other,laughed at each others jokes and gestures.

Oh my! I really wanna go back there. I missed them *cries. The photo was taken by my mom. After my sister and me flew to Philippines. We didnt get to see them before we go and Got back there last last New Year.

Monday, March 03, 2008, 6:06 AM

Im missing Switzerland, Holland and France. Its been a year since we lived there for months. We are always planning of going back there again but due to some of my dad`s job reasons we still cant go. My dad is currently at Jakarta, Indonesia and then after a month he`ll be flying to turkey and then after a month again he will go to Warsaw, Poland and then back to Indonesia.(Nakakahilo!) As of now, yun pa lang ang alam kong Itinerary niya. My gaaad!

At Paris, Weve gone to Arc de triomphe, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre dame church, Disneyland and the Grande Arc. We had lots of photos and videos but obciously I cant put it all here.haha ;)

At Switzerland, We lived in Neuchatel,Switzerland for about a year (to sum up). This country is such a great place to live although its too expensive to live here.

There are lots of many great places on Earth I wanna go to. I mean, I dont want to just be stuck here in Pinas.But, travel and explore each and every countries.

youre so vain by Brooke White
Sunday, March 02, 2008, 6:47 AM

dad`s flight tomorrow afternoon
Saturday, March 01, 2008, 7:01 AM

shella: pa, cheap ata ung digi-cams sa indonesia, mag tingin ka po nung SLR and nung Ipod video!

dad: oo nga daw. Let`s see anak. Akong bahala.

shella: *smiles.

Hahaha. Ayoko ng mag-react pa sa sinabi ni dad basta lets see! ;D

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