Eraserheads reunion concert!
Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 4:00 AM

Last week, I was telling my dad about this reunion concert!

me: pa, my reunion concert ang eheads!

papa: OO! ung company (philip morris/marlboro) magssponsor nun. 10m each sila.

me:*shocked! wow!

ang cool! grbe.. its where my dad work as a supervisor. Nakakagulat lang talaga.

here you goes:

Marlboro is sponsoring this concert and paid each of the members a staggering P10M each to do a full 45-minute set. August 30, 2008 will be LEGENDARY!!!The country’s most influential band ever will be reunited for ONE NIGHT ONLY.This once in a lifetime experience will be staged at the CCP open grounds.Tickets are free and you can download it early August. Website to be announced.






Pupunta ako, so pupunta tayo!

Must be 18 and above. Marlboro ang sponsor, thats why NO MINORS ARE ALLOWED.

Sunday, July 20, 2008, 4:47 AM

Hello! ye, been busy. Hindi lang pala busy.. SUPPERRR BUSY! ughh, I dont have the time to blog na ;( kahit mag-check manlang ng mail. ;(

College is really exhausting, to be more specific.. NURSING is ughhh. Pero I love my course now. Now that its more interesting and challenging! ayee ;D

School. Studying at University of Perpetual Help- Las piñas. I dont know why I chose it, maybe because of my myspace barkada there. tss. They are all graduating na nga lang ;( to top it off, I enjoy being a part of it! Super kakamangha ang ibang facilities esp. the comfort rooms, with 2aircons and may sounds pa sa ceiling ;D

Blockmates. Wala akong masabi sa block namin! Superrrrb! Andamîng laghtrip.. tpos, ah.. kiliggg moments...ahihi ;)) First day pa lang, I felt na I will enjoy my 1st sem with them ;D

Barkada. New sets of barkada againn :D Chicken strips moments.. flight HOTEL moments. haha! parang highschool lang..:D

LOVE. I wont talk muna about that damn thing. ahihi ;)

Basta, Im happy with how things are going.

bloggers. sorry hindi ako maka respond sa xlinks niu, pag my free time ako ulit ;) aryt? *smooches

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