Sunday, December 31, 2006, 2:20 PM

HUwaw..tamang hinala ka pare huh? totoo lang aukoh ng patulan yang girlfriend mong tao!..but she started it..tpos xa ung aayaw...wala kong panahon para pg3pan yang girlfriend mong assuming mxdo..tss..for fucks sake..i dont even know her.shit!

Piece of shit.
Friday, December 29, 2006, 2:41 AM

001. Babe or Baby: neither
002. Sweetie or Honey: honey,honü
003. Darling or Dear:darling..
004. hug or kiss: hug:)..hmmm...
005. white or black: white
006. ground or sky: sky..:)
007. night or day: night.. i lurve it:))
008. pool or beach: beach..i wanna walk sumday in the beach with you..
009. love or lust: love na my lust..haha!
010. you or me: you and me
011. silver or gold: silver
012. left or right: right
013. sunny or rainy: rainy.:)
014. hot or cold: hot..damnit!
015. lake or river: lake..:)at neuchatel..
016. Do you eat 3 meals a day: nope. twice..
017. like someone: love sumone
018. believe in love at 1stsight: no
019. like school: no!
020. been camping: yesh..wen i was 12 i think?
021. eaten alligator: hell no!
022. gotten in a fight: recently..
023. been out of the country: yesh...
024. cursed someone: soon..LMAO!
025. held a grudge for more than aweek:no.
026. killed something: langgam,firefly?..
027. had a mud fight: yaykz!
028. kissing on the bed or kissing inthe rain: bed..try nten nxt time hon sa rain..
029. watching a scary movie or a funnyone: a funny one
B- BEST SPORT?: volleybal,tenissl
C- CRUSH?: loads.
D- DOGS NAME?: none
E- Easiest person(s) to talk to?:trisha:)..mish0oo!
F- FAV. COLOR?: hot and bloody pink:)
H- HOMETOWN?: cavite:)
J- FAV. JUICE?: four seasons
K- KIND OF MUSIC?: rhythm n blues:)
L- LONGEST CAR RIDE?:cavite to espana, geneva to paris.
M- MILK FLAVOR?: i dont drink milk.
O- ONE WISH?: good grades this sem..
P- PHOBIA/FEARS?: perverts.
Q- FAV. QUOTE?: Living life to the fullest
R- REASON TO SMILE?: papabur:)
S- SONG YOU LAST HEARD?: a warrior is a child..edward was singing it.
U- UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT YOU?:bargain hunter:)
V- VEGGIE YOU DONT LIKE?: lahat ata.
W- WORST HABIT?: sleeping 12 hrs/day
X- X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD?: hmm..idk
Y- YUMMY FOOD?: western foods:)lurve it:)
Z- Zodiac Sign?: scorpio:))
01. is your hair wet? no
02. is your cell phone right by you?no.
03. do you miss someone? dami:(
04. are you wearing chapstic?: no
05. are you tired: yesh!
06. are you excited: for?
07. are you watching tv: no
08. are you wearing pajamas:no.
01. recently done anything you regret:wen i lost my swatch watch:( dad bought it wen we are in switz.
02. ever lied: yes..
03. ever stuck gum under a desk: no.
04. ever kicked someone?: yess.
05. ever trip over your own feet?: hm.hehe

01. have you cursed: no
02. have you yelled at someone: no
03. have you gotten mad at someone:yess.
04. have you cried: yess.
05. have you called more than 3people: no
06hve you IM'd more than 3people: no
07. is there a person who is on yourmind right now?: yes

Thursday, December 28, 2006, 8:00 AM

There are lots of scumbags there who have the knack of saying nasty things over the net. I think they feel superior or whatever whenever they leave those comments.LOSERS. I tell you.Such LOSERS.bwahahahaha!:)
Oh well, i hope my hon is safe, khit na nagtatampo akuh.Sobrang love pden kita:)

3:56 AM

Im tired wit my dumb life, im tired eating my dinner,im tired watching tv.
I hate fat people, i hate ugly people, i hate poor families,i hate the president
I want to go back in my kindergarten life, i want to make things right, i want to stop myself for making my life miserable.
I doubt people whose so nice to me, I doubt you,I doubt fate.
I love my dad,marj and edward,I love sleeping 12hrs/day, I love curling my hair,I love money.
I miss switzerland,paris,I miss mom,I miss highschool, I miss my friends, I miss that siomai in our cafeteria.
I thank GOD for always protecting me, I thank dad for being there, I thank the roof for protecting me in that storm, I thank myself coz im still alive nd I thank my tito for sending me an Olay soap and body wash[which i didn`t ask].

In short kids... advance hAPpy nEWyear!:)

conversation with my sister
1:55 AM

yess..thats how we talk all the time uneducated people..LMAO. click the picture for larger view:)

damn it!
1:30 AM

mood: angry and tired.
currently: listening to his damn reasons.

me and my kid are arguing ryt now..we almost fought everyday..I am tired of listening to him..deym! my kid woke late as if no one`s waiting for him..i hate him!..tpos xa pa he`s the one responsible for this shit!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006, 6:30 AM

si tomboy at si bakla♥

me and edward..yess!..we are together again..I so love my edward so much.He`s my life now..and im so loving it..Simple messages makes my heartbeat fast..:)..And newsflash.. He`s my husband now..Im his wife:)..T_T..i so miss my papabur..*cries..he`s been dizzy since the burol of his lolo..hmm.wawa nman papabur..kiss ko nlng ikaw..mMuAH*..Loveyousomuch:)..lam ko love mo ko.khit na Sobrang sobrang kulit ako..everytime you teach me how to drive, before going to sleep, after our fight,at mcdonals,at ur house,moviehouse,walking and many more..thankyou for ur long patience.and thankyou for giving ur all to me..really appreciate that darling..I hope that love will last:)..*cries

6:07 AM

today, i visit edward`s lolo..i mean..his lolo`s burol..never I attend a burol in my whole life..oh well, it`s nice..aww.forgot..I drove edward`s motorbike again...its so cool!:)...I`m lurving it...:)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006, 4:38 AM

today, edward and I met..he thought me how to drive a motorbike..giggles*..we use his motorbike..nice.:). first, i was like..screaming my lungs to death..but at the end..well..I learned..for like..5mins i true:)..

antok pa
Monday, December 25, 2006, 7:15 PM

just woke up..edward called me.grrr..i hate him..i wait last night for hours..tpos ngaun lng xa tumwag..fof heaven`s sake?..gawd!..i hate him.I wanna squeeze him..oh well, me and edward are going to meet excited not because ill get to see excited bcoz ill have the chance to slap him a millio times.*giggles.haha!so.wish me!:)


date today is december 26 dear..wrong date.:/

Happy Christmas everyone
2:52 AM

Christmas eve was a total rush!We have to buy, cook,prepare..this and that..thank God our christmas rush was not a total mess.whew!:)

Merry Christmas everyone!

2:00 AM

Dad, me, marghie

As a daughter its hard for me having a broken..yess.broken family.Its hard for me to say it.but thats the truth..Eternal pain it is.So hard to move on.I don`t know when will I recover. But God give me this as a challenge and I know I can do it.:) . Above all. Im still happy and contented because dad and marj is still there:)

1:43 AM

Death may occur is.

Edward called me first thing in the morning..he told me that his lolo died.aww.i know thats hard for him..though their not really close but as a grandson..its hard. right edward is at his lolo`s. I know edward can get through it and move on.his strong and now, he have to accept it. aww.hon. sorry im not there to comfort you and make you happy.;(

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