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Thursday, June 05, 2008, 4:37 AM

Are you a proud Filipino?

Then CLICK THIS and join the Project proud Filipino.

Its so easy, kung proud ka sa lahi mo just send a photo together with your name and surname through personal message here or you can send it to this email address:


"please choose a picture that is not grainy and not blurred... if possible shot in good lighting condition... high resolution pictures is also better so it would show more details... since we are cropping it into squares, please choose a picture that will give allowance for your name (please avoid pictures that the face touches the frames of the image)"
- Geloy

You must have a multiply account in order to submit your photo. ;)

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Gossip Girl- News flash
Tuesday, June 03, 2008, 6:44 AM

Rumor has it! Serena and Dan are really into each other. I love their chemistry although I more love slashed adore Blair and Nathaniel. I'm starting to love Chuck. He has this kind of an appeal to me.

So I saw Serena and Dan's photo.

here you goes,

Photo credits ; Janna's Multiply site

They are currently so in love in the photo.. ;)) Based on what I see and feel? :D

long way to go
Monday, June 02, 2008, 3:54 AM

Hey bloggers! At last, I finally updated my blog! The connection was really an ass lately. So right now, I'm taking my chances AGAIN.

So its already June2. College life is coming my way again and I really hope this course (BS Nursing) is the right one for me. I'm too tired of shifting courses and makipagsapalaran AGAIN. But hone
stly, I'm quite definite that this one is the last course that I'm going to take! Yey! Although I'm not really good in Anatomy. I feel that BS Nursing is the right one for me, and YEP! I'm going to be BUSY na . So maybe I wont be able to blog or go online every time of the day. Busy busy-han na ulit! Pero I will try to share my experiences maybe, once a week! How I struggle,battle,explore,rumble for my life!. hehe. I kid!

Feeling good mood eh? Not really. I'm really depressed right now, I really can't help it!Its not about the internet connection. hehehe. I sometimes find myself crying whene
ver I go to bed and when I reminisce something so memorable. Im so young but I feel so old. I suppose to enjoy it. We talk the other night on the phone, He texted me and then I called him. The bitterness is present whenever I break the ice. I really miss him!

And this photo is for my ever dearest sister Marj since she made an entry about me to her cute blog.

Anyways, link her naman to your blog. Yan! promoting your blog. ;) Marj's Blog

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