Monday, March 12, 2007, 12:40 PM

Edward arrived yesterday morning (1am), we decided to meet at around 3:30 pm.hihi. coz im going to my lola`s house in i decided to see him.hihi. We pass by to his house.. He gave me his a native bag..I lurve native bags..:) much!..I rily rily love it..a many thanx to my papabur that he never forget to bring me pasalubong..(:.. After gaving the bag to me..I was kissing and kissing and kissing him..while walking..:)).THANKYOU MR. PAPABUR: I so appreciate ur pasalubong to me..sss.this morning, i checked my offline messages.. Not expecting edward would go online this morning because he has class.hmm?.. I wonder..:)..I hope hell go online this afternoon.))..lovey lovey papabur:)

Thursday, March 08, 2007, 3:25 PM

havent been blogging for months. tss. i hate school, i hate them, i hate life!tss. coz i hate myself.. all these stress.pain and insecurities. I dont think im going to move on and have a new life. I want freedom. err.

sss.. always in my room all this time.., got my phone confiscated..(by papa).shit. db?.. didnt think papa will get my phone..i thought he`ll still let me use my fone..tss.. I hate him.. as much as he hates me.. I know dad is doing the right thing but my phone is the only way to ease my boredom.and the oly way i to contact my hon.oh well, good thing hes been writing to me these days..telling me that I soudnt be worried and hell visit me once a week.. shocked me.. so so happy he never forget to write..He always give me strength to go on with life. that his always at my back.. i so love him..hihi. and guess wut..weve been chatting for a week now..yes, he already got his ym id..c/o me..after his class (5pm) hed go to computer cafe at his place..haha. Im glad hes doing everything just to make a connection to me..eventough its his first time to chat..hihi.

Yesterday, before he go to Baguio he visit me yess. I allowed him.not that i have no choice but he needs it.according to him..hehe...and atlast..yey!we meet again. after two weeks of no communication.. that was a big relief.right now, hes in Baguio until saturday. and me?.. Im going to wait for him til he arrive.:(

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