Driving myself crazy
Wednesday, January 03, 2007, 12:03 AM

"aww gawd! hes not calling me..hes not even texting me.aw gawd gawd gawd!"..thats wut im saying and thinking all day.reason?we had a fight nanaman..syet!kelan b mttpos away nmen?..huh?...pahirap na sobra..Mahal ko xa..pro bkt gn2..nh2rapan ako..i cant take this anymore!...it was too shallow..tsk..but again, a disaster in our lives..maybe we need space and time i think...waah!..ang dami kong naiicp..pnoh ko b toh maaaus?.buhay ko di ko pa maaus!..wake up shella!.bt gn2?..problema nnman sumalubong sken sa year ntoh..hai. ang bagal pa ng PC koh..bng prob nioh ha?..anoh bng karma toh?..dpat pinasagasa nio nlng ako sa kotse or sa 10 wheeler truck!..naman!I cant take this anymore..soon, ill be dead.yesh!..wah!..and heres a flash! Im not yet ready to go to school again!..cud someone help me?..syet!

Proud Filipina!
Nursing woopie

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fast facts

  • Im a movie buff.
  • a gamer eg.RPG
  • I can sleep for 24 straight hours.
  • I hate cats specially those kittens, they give me the creeps.
  • Im a fan of Maria Sharapova.
  • I adore Wentworth Miller
  • I rarely watch Pinoy movies and telenovelas.
  • I dont do house chores.
  • I go to the salon 5x/month
  • I collect gadgets
  • I enjoy clubbing right now.
  • Im now SINGLE.
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  • bored.
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  • Piece of shit.
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