Pinoy Big brother Teen Edition Plus
Tuesday, April 01, 2008, 8:11 AM

Whos a fan of Pinoy Big Brother?

Well, I am! hehe. I loved it since season1. Some of you may find it "baduy" but for me, its not! I really love reality based shows eg. American Idol. Im currently watching Teen Edition plus and I enjoyed watching it. I always find myself smiling whenver I watch it. hahaha. Im totally hooked eh? Ye, I know its Jologs! But hey! Its the only reason why Im watching a tv program. hehehehe! I rarely watch TV program. Im more of a movie and game buff. See that? In the fast facts section? hehe. I can`t find a logo of teen edition plus so I put the original one. ;)

So bloggers! Whos a Pbb fan like me here? :D


Bloggers, sorry for posting so late. Im working on my new blog skin so pls. Bare with me. Thanks ;)

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fast facts

  • Im a movie buff.
  • a gamer eg.RPG
  • I can sleep for 24 straight hours.
  • I hate cats specially those kittens, they give me the creeps.
  • Im a fan of Maria Sharapova.
  • I adore Wentworth Miller
  • I rarely watch Pinoy movies and telenovelas.
  • I dont do house chores.
  • I go to the salon 5x/month
  • I collect gadgets
  • I enjoy clubbing right now.
  • Im now SINGLE.
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