the problem
Saturday, April 26, 2008, 6:25 AM

With me is I easily get hurt and after 1 click Im smiling na hanggang tenga! Thats me. Kung may ginawa ka man skeng kasalanan, asahan mo after a minute or two, nawala na ung angst or kahit anung bad feelings ko for you.

If youre my friend, alam mo yan! errr. Nakakainis ung ugali ko na gnun! What do you call that trait ba?

Ughh, these past few weeks, nagpaparamdam nanaman siya (him!) Ye, nagulat talaga ko. He suddenly popped out from nowhere! Ang weird diba? Im currently on the stage of forgetting him, making my new-nice-more interesting life, then voila! Ikaw na naman???!! At first, sobrang nagulat and there are lot of questions in my mind na ayokong itanong sa kanya, I really don`t know why.

so here it goes;
him: hello!namimiss na kita.
me: ui! musta? [ OMG! bakit ko ba nasabi un?]

him: Namimiss na kita eh!ΓΌ
me: hahaha [tawa style....]
him: san ka na mag-aaral?

me: secret..baka sundan mo ako! duh. [feeler...]

him:ayaw mo lang malaman ko! me: ;)
him: anung ginagawa mo?
me: sa banio, natae! [hahaha]
him: ah owkei!

then.....lots of nonsense convos and one topic came out!

him: last chance?
me: huh? [ chuva!hehehe]

him: hai.. wala na ba talaga?
me: I dont know.. [errr! bakit gnon?hindi ko masabing..wala na!]
him: naman ehhh..

me: hehehehe. [I don't know what to say]

At that time my bad..not!worst feelings for him.. evaporated into thin air! Am I so cheap forgiving him in just one click?Geeeeeez! I cant stand that, sobrang pangit ng ugali ko. errr!

But right now, I'm trying my best not to think of him even if nagparamdam nanaman xa.. I'm really trying to move on! Sinabi ko na sa sarili ko na there are lots of things na kelangan ko munang gawin at tapusin bago sya. Kung kami talaga then so be it! But not right now, not this time. ;(

I'm not closing my doors for him, We've been through alot na. Imagine? 2years plus ang pinagsamahan.For me, achievement na para saming dalawa un! Through all the million fights and problems we've had, we learn to stand together as one.

Update I've been busy lately.Preparing for college and Ye, Im reading Bob Ong's MAC ARTHUR. Im in the middle na, short story lang, nakakaaliw basahin! :) I'll make a book review of it SOON!

By the way, Nakaka inlove tong song na to by David Cook!Nawala na lahat ng bets ko sa AI. ;(

Im gonna share this to all of you bloggers!

I aint gonna cry no
And I won't beg you to stay
If you're determined to leave girl
I will not stand in your way
But inevitably you'll be back again
'Cause you know in your heart babe
Our love will never end no

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