Thursday, May 22, 2008, 7:56 AM

The American Idol.The day was so unexpected but David Cook's Win was as expected!Its 1pm I think,I was browsing by the television and poof! I saw Ryan Seacrest saying " The American Idol 2008 is David...." Whooahh! I didn't saw that coming, I thought the streaming is going to be by evening 6pm. Nice! So there, David Cook won! And yea, he deserves to win! He has the originality of a singer and an X-factor! His sex appeal is so flowing, supper hot! esp. the time he sang Marriah Carrey's "Always be my baby" in his own version. Ugh, his voice gives me the chills! grrrr.He's the best! XD Im too tamad to watch the replay soooooĆ¼!

I love you David Cook!! *smooches

-Shella,18 :D

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  • I enjoy clubbing right now.
  • Im now SINGLE.
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