Tv series watched [reviews]
Saturday, May 03, 2008, 5:57 AM

Smallville (til season4). Was Based on a Novel, Before superman there was...Idk the title.I started watching this when I was incoming 4th yr, it was vacation back in Switzerland pa. Sobrang addict ako sa story and kay Tom Welling..;) Til season4 lang ata ung napanood ko.. The part ata na lumabas na si Lois Lane and then I stopped na.. I'll try to watch the new season pag may nakita nakong original collection nun. Not that I dont want the Dibbbeedi one, andami kasing bonus scenes sa original.:)

Alias (til Season5-end). Hell ye!Ito ang masasabi mong "Nakaka Adik". Each episodes kasi laging bitin, inaabot ako ng dawn, hndi ko na namamalayan ung time. Starring Jennifer Garner! Its like more of an action na super dami ng twists..Pero not like some common action movies.. Its more of like Mission Impossiblebut way better than M.I. Natapos ko lahat ng season(5) netoh. Hindi na nasundan ksi preggy na si Jennifer when she was shooting the season5.

CSI Las Vegas (til Season 3). At first, nakaka-adik xa, kasi its mind-boggling iisipin mo who's the killer.. like that.Napanod ko lang til season3. Tpos nag stop na ko.Its about crimes and the forensics are to the rescue here. They're the one who solves crimes, based on the evidence nalalaman na nila who's the killer.Sobrang nakakamangha talaga ung bawat episodes and laging wrong ung ghula ko lagi kung sino ung killer.

The X-files (til Season 4). Scully!Molder!. Nakakamiss sila panoorin! Magkasabay kong pinanood ang CSI and X-files. X-files was an Old TV series na. I was 8 ata, my parents are watching this sa Ch.9. Its more of supernatural thingys.. Ufo,Alien... Persons who has extra-ordinary strength. Scully and Molder was a FBI agents here.Til season4 lang ako. Super two thumbs up ung team up nila. Unfortunately, hindi ko xa natapos kasiii,. there came.....
Prison Break (til Season2). Wentworth Miller is sizzling hottttt! Grabe, nakaka-inlove xa! Super, firts two eps pa lang, grabeng lakas ng sex appeal! hahaha. Based pa lang sa title, alam mo na whats it about! He is trying to get his brother out of jail. He's the so smart guy here. Too bad til season 2 pa lang napapanod ko cos hindi pa finish ung airing ng season3 sa tv. I will wait for the dvd collection pa. :(

Currently watching, One Tree Hill season1. First two eps pa lang! hindi ko sila mapagsabay ng pagbabasa ko ng novels eh ;( too bad!

Bloggers! I definitely guarantee that lahat ng tv series i've watch was great!! Super highly recommended lahat!

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